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Blogmas day 10

Double figures!!!!! We are almost half way to the big day and I cannot wait!! I had a really festive day at work today so I’m getting more and more in the spirit! On my way home from work I had to nip to Pets At Home because B is due his worming tablets (delicious). I’m not sure if any of you have bought them from there before, but I had to wait AGES for someone to come with a key to unlock a cabinet that has all the tablets in.. THEN had to give all my details and all of Bernard’s details – even though I’m sure we do it every time!

So in the 25 minutes I was kept waiting – of course I picked up some bits for Bernard’s Christmas present – oops! Here’s what I have gotten so far..

The teddy doesn’t have stuffing in so I’m hoping that he doesn’t destroy it within 2 seconds!!

When I got home, my little chap was waiting for me with lead in mouth..

I took this as a hint that we needed to go for a walk.. Right in the middle of a hailstorm – nice timing B! Guess I figured out what this weather bomb was all about haha!

After the wet walk, B dried off next to the fire and I got on with some handmade Christmas decorations.. They aren’t that spectacular but we love homemade in our home!

I’m having a craft night with mum tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to show you more of what we managed to do πŸ™‚ hope you have all had a fab Wednesday! 2 more days til weekend woooohoo!!


Blogmas day 9

Good evening my dog bloggy friends! Today was my dad’s birthday so we all got into the celebratory spirit and wore our party hats πŸ™‚


Bernard has been absolutely brilliant with all the visitors and lots of wrapping paper etc. Not worrying about how he will be at Christmas anymore now! πŸ™‚

Hope you have all had a wonderful day! Only 8 more days at work til Christmas half term wooooohoo!!

Blogmas day 8

Let’s begin with a big hello and a photo of Bernard from today for my “dogblog” friends..

I hope you all don’t mind, but I’m doing a completely different post today. Plus, all Bernard has done today is eat, sleep, play and fall up a kirb (haha) oh – and eat my work shoe 😐 he has agreed to let me write this about a non-dog topic – honest πŸ˜‰

I’m sure that most of you interested in blogging will be all to aware of the bloggers, youtubers and new brand of celebrities who have risen to fame by blogging about make up and filming videos about how to apply it. And if one girl doesn’t immediately spring to mind when I say that, let me introduce you to Zoe Sugg (24) or better known to her army of fans (6 million and rising daily) “Zoella”.

I really like Zoe, and I have watched her videos since early this year. She has an air of “happy happy, everything is fantastic” about her, whilst also addressing issues, such as her anxiety and panic attacks. I have never been known to be maternal, but that part of me can’t help but wonder how she is coping today with the recent and ongoing grief she is receiving.

On the 25th November this year, she released, as she called it, her “first novel”. This makes you think she wrote it yes? She also released a vlog (video blog) about it in June this year, stating that as she was growing up, all she ever wanted to do was to write a book, “and now that dream is coming true”. Again, makes you think she wrote it yes? No.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail (reliable or not, it has turned out to be true – shock horror) released the cringeworthy information that the book, having sold close to 80,000 copies within the first week, thus outselling the likes of JK Rowling and Dan Brown, was in fact – ghost written.

Dun dun duuuuhhhh!

Of course, Zoe’s ever faithful fans took to twitter to defend her – so what if it’s ghost written?! Thousands of books are! Siobhan (real author) wouldn’t of sold as many without Zoe’s name on the front so who cares? Everyone needs help with their first novel.

Yes true.

But not when your entire brand is based on the grounds of being honest. Zoe has, up until now, upheld this act of honesty, crying in vlogs, sharing details about her life etc etc.. So why not say “I’m having someone help me with the writing part” – would anyone of really cared?

Although, to be honest, I knew this would eventually happen. As a society, we build each other up to knock them back down. There are always “haters” (worst expression – eugh) and there is always someone waiting at their keyboard, poised over the nasty words ready to press send to a stranger they know nothing about, purely because they don’t like them. It’s sad really. So when this generation of youtubers appeared, it was inevitable that, whilst there would be many fans, there would be people against them. Although this is a new level.

Zoe tweeted today saying she was having some time off the internet as it was “clouding up her brain” – understatement of the century. I can’t fully make my mind up on this topic, if I think it is an issue or not?! Either way, an anxious 24 year old getting this much hate can’t be in a great place right now. I feel for her, it could of all been helped if she had of just been honest. Moral of the day.

Anyway, I’m off to cuddle Bernard. And there will be a dog related post tomorrow πŸ™‚

Blogmas day 7

Goooood evening! B and I have had an extremely lazy day today. Although we did have an afternoon walk with my friend Dean and his two dogs Piper and Freddie! Bernard was filthy so had yet another bath when he got back – I’m sure he does it on purpose!!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it yet, but Bernard is having an operation on Friday which I am very anxious about, particularly because I will be at work and can’t be there. Thankfully my dad is taking him and my mum is picking him up as soon as. I’m very lucky to have them!

Bernard is extremely itchy all the time, he is flead monthly because of his super dry skin, and has oil on his food every meal to try and get rid of a bit of the dryness. His nose has been a problem area for ages now, and he has had 3 different antibiotics, and 2 creams. Nothing has worked, so on Friday, the vet is taking a lump away, shaving his nose, and taking samples from the scabs. Hopefully then we will know what is causing him so much discomfort.

Until then, it’s Mr Bernard the conehead – poor baby!


You can see a little bit on this photo where some of the scabs are on his nose, as the hair doesn’t sit right anymore. I try to get some of them off once they have been wet, but he is so wriggly I don’t want to hurt him.

We have a night Infront of the fire, X factor, and all other Sunday night TV shows to be watching. Sorry this hasn’t been a very Christmas themed post, we will have more of them this week – promise!

Ps don’t forget to follow his Instagram – I put photos on everyday πŸ™‚ bernard_pup

Blogmas day 6

We have had SUCHΒ an exciting day today and I can finally say I am fullllly ready for Christmas half term. This weekend so far has reminded me of all the fun things we have planned and I am so excited!

Since we moved to the house in Wales, we have been attempting to do it up. e are onto the final stages now with just a bit of plastering left, so excuse the scruffy walls on the photos a bit later on! (I’m sure you will be looking at Bernard rather than our walls!)

This morning, we all had scrammy eggs and bacon – Bernard’s favorite weekend treat. We then headed to the nearby Argos to get Christmas decorations. We will both be back in the North West for the big day, but we thought it would be nice to have a bit of Christmas cheer in the Welsh home too! Bernard was pretty chilled waiting outside the shop, and of course, loved the attention he got.


Look at that handsome chap, right in the way of the door πŸ˜‰

So we got all of this.. a 5ft tree, 48 baubles, 6m of tinsel and 2 lots of fairy lights (flashing and none flashing – fancy) I also picked up a few other bits in Homebase and all of it came to Β£27! It hardly broke the bank and yet it is all pretty decent quality stuff.


We also got little sticky hooks to hold the fairy lights up with. We have spent so long restoring the wooden beams in the cottage, we didn’t want to ruin them with nails and hooks! Bernard hasn’t ever seen a Christmas tree, so we totally made the most out of it – after all he is our baby! Before we began to set up the tree, we took him to a local farm and introduced him to some other four legged festive friends..

10675518_10152891895249467_6731855833888668438_n 10690333_10152891895629467_2458900080739988497_n

He was such a good boy, slightly excited – but what else would a puppy be seeing his first reindeer?!

We then went home and began with the tree. It was a little bit of a challenge because Bernard wanted to eat it, itch his nose with it, and began sniffing – so we are hoping he doesn’t decide he wants to mark his territory on it!

So here are all the stages of the tree..

1509772_10152891896064467_7393089550952343590_n 10520686_10152891896154467_5063002263423915088_n

Not bad for Β£5 eh?!

I was also a mean puppy mummy and told Bernard he had to dress up..


Oopsy! Haha! We then covered the tree head to toe in decorations, and a couple of homemade ones by me! We hung the fairy lights on the wooden beam and I am definitely tempted to keep them up there all year long, they are super cosy!


Bernard was really good and sat by and watched me do this.. He wasn’t too giddy or anything, so of course got lots of cuddles and lots of treats. You wouldn’t be able to tell he was happy would you?!


Grumpiest looking pup award?! This one is better, and making a lovely festive wallpaper on my phone πŸ™‚


Hope you have all had a lovely Saturday! Back to the North West tonight because I have a load of work to do ready for Monday. Booooo!


Call me crazy, but Bernard has an Instagram! Go follow him! Bernard_pup


Blogmas day 5

Good evening from Welsh Wales! An early finish from work meant that B and I could get straight on the road and head on down to Wales. The weather was really crappy, and of course my screen wash ran out – so it was a very anxious drive barely being able to see! But who could be miserable with this little guy next to them..


Hes just TOO cute. Anyway, back to business..

Due to Rob and I not getting to see each other that much anymore, we decided to go to the local town for some food. Of course we got the puppy dog eyes when we left B, even though he had his tea and his Kong.. It’s just not good enough haha! We had a fab meal but were more than happy to get back to the house and have cuddles with B.

Now, I know there have been a lot of jokes about how big Bernard is, but in all seriousness.. The vet said his breed (miniature poodle cross working cocker) he should be around 8kgs. He is now 12.5kgs and 8 months old. And just for the purpose of this photo, I am quite small, but there is also one of my brother with him and he is man size (?) haha I have no idea how tall, but you get the gist.. Look..



(I WILL start using my proper camera for photos, I realise how bad iPhone ones are – and I know I keep saying this but it will happen…… soon!)

So yeah, you can see hes a pretty big boy! Which is fine, but we only re-weighed him two weeks ago, so we have actually been underfeeding him! (Please don’t freak out and call me a bad owner, its not by that much and he is still healthy and happy!) Imagine how big he will get when he is eating big boy food?!

Anyway, it’s FRIDAY and we are looking forward to exploring more of Wales and sharing it with you all! Have a nice Friday night guys πŸ™‚

PS I have actually done a post from a laptop (woohoo!) seen as I’m trying not to be lazy so apologies if the layout is totally weird.. Enjoy!

Blogmas day 4

Evening! Sorry this is a later post than normal – Bernard and I have just got in!

I got an early finish from work today so we got a super long walk before it started to go dark. We got home to this..

It’s quite possibly the best bedding I have ever seen!!!!! But it’s official, my mum has gone Christmas crazy! (Told you we love it in our household!)

I then met up with my friend and we went for a drive round all the local Christmas lights – they are quite impressive this year! Bernard was really happy to see his buddy Adam..

We went to the docks just near where we live, Bernard said hello to some ducks but didn’t quite know what to do when they kept walking towards him!! He enjoyed being able to sit on Adams knee – extra height for the view!!


We are going to get some sleep now, got a big drive after work tomorrow to good old Wales. Bernard is very happy πŸ™‚ nighty night


Blogmas day 3

Happy Wednesday all! Hope you are all doing well. Bernard had a trip to the vets this afternoon because he will not stop itching his face!!!!! He has so many scabs that keep bleeding because he won’t stop scratching. He is on his third lot of tablets and second batch of cream.. He has an appointment in two weeks time and if there is no improvement then it’s sedation and….. A face shave.

I’m mortified.

I don’t really see how that is the solution. But putting my sensible head on, if it is what is best for him, then it is what shall be done. Gulp. Christmas photos will be interesting haha!

All kidding aside, he is beautiful and I will adore him hair or no hair!

Only two more sleeps til the weekend! We have a few Christmas adventures planned which is super exciting! Bernard might even show you his new costume!! Night all πŸ™‚

Blogmas day 2

Evening!! I have the dreaded winter cold so I’m all snuffly and feeling sorry for myself – Bernard is making up for it by being hyper enough for the both of us!

We began our day with the morning advent calendar – we are always allowed to eat our choc before breakfast so Bernard was too!

Excuse the awful quality photos from my iphone, my big camera is on charge and will be used for the rest of the month! Promiseeee! Bernard seems to like the calendar so far, it looks like chocolate in it but I have been assured it is pet friendly.

Bernard is getting worse with us leaving him to go to work.. Someone always comes back every 3 hours and I get home at 3 ish so he is never alone too long, but he really isn’t liking it – poor baby. We have the radio on, kongs, dentasticks, and toys – yet he is still not a happy boy until we are home. Any tips?!

After work I took him for a walk, we met loads of new people which he loves! And then once we got home, facetimed rob in Wales πŸ™‚

Bernard is starting to understand that rob is there but not there.. He’s just so cute!

Oh and at work, one of the children gave me this sticker and said it looks like Bernard so I can keep looking at it so I won’t miss him so much – how adorable!!

Now for a snuggly night with B and some telly time! Hope you have all had a lovely 2nd December!