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After five weeks, Bernard has graduated from his first puppy class! Hooray! We have been so impressed with him and his behavior whilst in the classes, and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting other pups and learning new tricks and skills. If you live in the North West of England, you may be familiar with the Macfarlane Canine Services. This is run by a married couple who offer dog walking, doggy day care, puppy classes, one-to-one tuition and behavior consultations. We paid £70 for the five week course and it has been totally worth it. 

Prior to this course, Bernard had already mastered ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, and our personal favorite, ‘roll over’. Whilst on the course, he also learnt ‘stay’, ‘leave’, and good lead walking. These introductory sessions were primarily for puppy interaction and socialization and it has worked a treat. We are hopefully going to complete the good citizen awards with this couple in the near future.

I would recommend puppy classes to any new dog owner. I know there are a lot of people against them and I fully understand why, you can get a dog to do anything if you have food bla bla bla, but they have really helped Rob and I with how we approach training sessions (and have taught us a LOT of patience!)


This is me with my certificate, I’m really proud of myself for not being too silly and giddy at class!

Message from Bernard: I LOVE Tuesday nights they are so much fun. I have my bestie Bruce, he is a Bedlington Terrier my mum said. I also really like Alan, the man with the cheese. Everyone kept saying “yay well done puppy class is complete” but I have no idea what that means. I’m excited for next week!!!!

Message from me: Awkward.