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Blogmas day 14

So today wasn’t the kind of doggy day I had in mind, as I spent the entire day in bed poorly 😦 Bernard had a fab day though and went on two super long walks with my mum and dad.

IMG_7763.JPGAfter the good news at the vets about his nose, it has gone bad again.. I managed to get a photo of it his time hoorah!

You can kind of see where all the hair is matted together because of the scabs, hence why the vet wanted to shave it off. He has yet another course of anti-bs so fingers crossed, hopefully this will sort him out!

I hope you have had a more successful weekend than me!! I can’t wait for this cold to go so that I can really start to enjoy the festive season!



Woof-ly To Meet You


Nice to meet you! I’m Bernard

As an avid blog reader, I thought it was about time I created my own. When thinking about what to write about, I decided that there would be minimal interest in what I do, what I wear, what beauty products I like – as every other beauty blogger seems to already have that covered. Something that does generate a LOT of interest in my life, is my four legged buddy Bernard.

Bernard was born on the 12th March 2014, and we brought him home on the 30th May – longest wait EVER! He is a Cockapoo (cocker spaniel cross poodle for those of you not up on the doggy lingo – you’re welcome) which is perfect for us, as my other half is conveniently allergic to dogs! He was sold to us as a ‘none molting dog’ – but this is definitely not the case!!

I have always wanted a dog, but was never allowed whilst living at home. With a move to Wales in the very close future, and after being accepted to play on channel 4 Deal or no Deal resulting in me winning a nice amount of money to afford a pooch, my parents gave in and said it was fine for us to get one – providing he packs his bags and comes to Wales with me.

Bernard and I are members on the Cockapoo Owners UK Facebook page, and always meet many four legged friends whilst out walking, but we want to spread our wings a bit and be social butterflies that share our experiences with all you lovely bloggers! Like I said, we are new to this – so any advice would be warmly welcomed!

Here are a few photos of Bernard on his recent adventures.. Enjoy!


This is me and my buddy Reg. He’s an Airedale Terrier. I loved playing with him but he is a lot older than me so didn’t really appreciate me being giddy.. Sorry Reg


Me at Southport Beach.. I was allowed to dig here and not get shouted at – result!