by bernarddog14

How long has it been?! I have no idea, but it’s been TOO long!!

Hope you are all well. Bernard and I have SO much to tell you!!!!! (Excited face)

First things first, let’s catch up. I’m not 100% sure what my last post was so apologies if you have seen these photos before – actually, I’m not sorry, you can look at Bernard’s gorgeous face alllllll over again!!

IMG_8238.JPGSadly, B has had a rough few weeks with his skin. He was SO scratchy so ended up at the vets for some skin scrapes. He had to be sedated (£95 – ouch!) and after a week of waiting – the results said he was fine. Which is good news, but also really super annoying because I want to help him but don’t know how.

Since having the scrapes he seems to of cleared up a bit touch wood!!!! so we will just see how that goes!

We have been spending a lot of time in Wales recently, so here’s a few snowy photos 🙂




IMG_9193.JPGIt’s been back to reality this week back at work and I had a bit of a life changing moment (bear with me, it seems silly).

I was in a local shop and the girl that served me was someone I went to high school with. I haven’t seen her for what, 8 years?! And whilst I could tell her all about deal or no deal, Bernard and my degree, I felt like I needed something else. Something really exciting and unique that I have done with my life. I know travelling isn’t an option for me, Bernard can’t come and I’m a home bird so that’s that one out the window.

I thought about what it is I love to do – hand make things. I enjoy it, it makes people happy – why not do it then!! So basically, my friend has a shop and she is giving me some shelf space for a few months and see what happens!! Here are a few of the bits I’m selling..




IMG_9486.JPGThese are all quotes that people have said they wanted framed so I did them! If any of you lot were interested they are £5.00 each with free postage! And then I also do these..




IMG_9505.JPGThese are £3.00 each with free postage (of course the dog one is my fave).

This was my happy face this morning when I got a few unexpected orders so had to post them all!

IMG_9499.JPGit’s a brave leap but I still have my job and I’m only young so why not go for it eh!!

Big kisses and licks,

Sarah & Bernard