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Month: February, 2015

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

I have been sobusy this blog has kind of taken a back seat. Bernard is eager to say hello.. This was our valentines day photo..

IMG_0401.JPGOver half term, we took him on his first holiday! We went to the North East – a place my family have loved forever. We found a dog friendly hotel in Bamburgh called the Victoria, it was reasonable prices and only an extra £7.50 for B to come – winner! The hotel is rightnear the beach so, of course, we spent all our time there!

Our main beach day was the Wednesday, and my friend came down from Edinburgh (she’s at uni there) to see us for the day! This is me, Joanna and B modelling the castle..

IMG_0070.JPGIt was a gorgeous day, just cold – but we can cope with that 😉

Anyway.. This was our journey..




IMG_0095.JPGFor me, this isn’t a lot of photos. And there’s a reason why. Brave yourselves.

You know those moments in life where you can see into the future and can just tellwhat is going to happen? Well…. Bernard was off his lead the entire walk to Seahouses (a small town 3 miles away) and he was fabulous! He didn’t jump up at any dogs or people for that matter, and came when we shouted him. Until he saw some seagulls..

He decided that he was going to try and fly. Of course, he didn’t succeed. He chased them off a ledge and jumped into the sea, a wave took him under and it was the longest5 seconds of my life. I was about to jump in after him when the little bugger came out looking slightly dazed but very pleased with himself.

We thought that was the end of it, but turns out swallowing sea water makes dogs so sick. He was sick in a cafe, and alllllll night in the hotel. It felt like we had a child! We had to leave at 5am the following day – partly for the hotels benefit but mainly because we just wanted to get him home. And of course once we were back, he was fine!!

But we are on speaking terms now and he is absolutely fine! Hope everyone else is okay! We will be on here more often!! S&B x


Handmade tat

I have just made up a batch load of these little cute decorations and I wanted to share them with you all!!

IMG_9591.JPGHope you are all having a happy Thursday!!


How long has it been?! I have no idea, but it’s been TOO long!!

Hope you are all well. Bernard and I have SO much to tell you!!!!! (Excited face)

First things first, let’s catch up. I’m not 100% sure what my last post was so apologies if you have seen these photos before – actually, I’m not sorry, you can look at Bernard’s gorgeous face alllllll over again!!

IMG_8238.JPGSadly, B has had a rough few weeks with his skin. He was SO scratchy so ended up at the vets for some skin scrapes. He had to be sedated (£95 – ouch!) and after a week of waiting – the results said he was fine. Which is good news, but also really super annoying because I want to help him but don’t know how.

Since having the scrapes he seems to of cleared up a bit touch wood!!!! so we will just see how that goes!

We have been spending a lot of time in Wales recently, so here’s a few snowy photos 🙂




IMG_9193.JPGIt’s been back to reality this week back at work and I had a bit of a life changing moment (bear with me, it seems silly).

I was in a local shop and the girl that served me was someone I went to high school with. I haven’t seen her for what, 8 years?! And whilst I could tell her all about deal or no deal, Bernard and my degree, I felt like I needed something else. Something really exciting and unique that I have done with my life. I know travelling isn’t an option for me, Bernard can’t come and I’m a home bird so that’s that one out the window.

I thought about what it is I love to do – hand make things. I enjoy it, it makes people happy – why not do it then!! So basically, my friend has a shop and she is giving me some shelf space for a few months and see what happens!! Here are a few of the bits I’m selling..




IMG_9486.JPGThese are all quotes that people have said they wanted framed so I did them! If any of you lot were interested they are £5.00 each with free postage! And then I also do these..




IMG_9505.JPGThese are £3.00 each with free postage (of course the dog one is my fave).

This was my happy face this morning when I got a few unexpected orders so had to post them all!

IMG_9499.JPGit’s a brave leap but I still have my job and I’m only young so why not go for it eh!!

Big kisses and licks,

Sarah & Bernard