Hello Friends!

by bernarddog14

IMG_8428.PNGNew Years Eve with my two gents

We are only a few days in, but so far 2015 has been amazing! Rob and I escaped to London for two days and had regular Bernard updates from my parents! He was so excited when he came to pick us up at Preston station, never seen a back side wiggle quite so much.

It’s back to normality tomorrow and I am absolutely dreading leaving B. He has just adjusted to us all being home for two weeks, and now we are leaving him again. Only for 3 hours at a time mind, but it’s still so sad. Plus, I am literally thinking up every excuse why not to go back to work tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I have had a crazy career change of mind. Tomorrow, I have a meeting at my old university to enquire about going back to do child mental health nursing…. So in the mean time, I have applied to Pets at Home to get some extra money to save up – they don’t let you have student loans twice. Boo hiss boo.

Anyway, that was a tangent. Here are some photos of B and us from over new year 🙂


IMG_8117.JPGBernard’s first experience of snow. We took him on a super long walk in an attempt to tire him out before our family party – it didn’t work

IMG_8160.JPGpre-party naps – he’s a good pillow 😉


IMG_8201.JPGwe spent new year for the fourth year in a row with robs family. They have welcomed Bernard a lot considering they thought it was a daft idea is getting him – but we don’t hold any grudges 😉

IMG_8238.JPGwe spent New Years Day with my wonderful family

We hope you have had a fabulous new year. Now back to the drawing board with training B to walk nicely on a lead – any help would be welcomed greatly!