by bernarddog14

So blogmas was a slight fail.. I think I managed two weeks worth, but life got in the way. The week leading up to Christmas was my dad’s birthday, my partners, his twin brothers (duh) and then mine! We have all had such a fabulous week, and we are only half way through half term woohoooo!

I have a shed load of photos to show you all! Bernard got absolutely ruined at Christmas, he actually got more parcels than my brother – oopsy! He’s been so good though, and the tree is still in one piece! Result!

I’m not sure if any of you guys remember his reindeer outfit we had bought him to wear on Christmas Day, but he actually out-grew it! So there was a last minute dash to Pets At Home to get him a new one..

He has grown a fair bit! Haha. Whenever we put this outfit on him he immediately starts to sulk, to is usually bribed with lots of treats!

Christmas Day brought a lot of happiness, laughs and love to our household (even more than usual!) Bernard got a Barber jacket from my brother and his partner – wit woo Bernard! And he got pretty much the entire range of toys and food from Pets At Home! He LOVED unwrapping them all!

I got the most BEAUTIFUL gift from my brother, an infinity bracelet with R for Rob and B for Bernard!


And what’s Christmas Day without a family selfie?! I’m so so happy how much everyone loves Bernard in our house. Whilst he is my dog, everyone adores him and it makes me very very happy. Here’s dad, brother, Bernard, mum and me..

Considering my brother was once terrified of dogs because of a nasty bite from a strangers dog when he was little, he looks pretty happy to be with B now πŸ™‚

Bernard was so well behaved, he needed a few cat naps throughout the day as I think the excitement all got a bit too much!!

Bless him! At night time, Rob came round with yet more presents for B. Bernard has been so so lucky this year, and has absolutely loved his first Christmas with us! Only 3 months left til his 1st birthday, so we best get planning something for that!

I hope you have had a magical Christmas, sharing it with the ones that mean the most in your lives (4 legged friends included). we are off to southport beach today – slightly mad but we will wrap up warm and play fetch on the sand! Enjoy the rest of the Christmas break all of you πŸ™‚ lots of love from us xx