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Month: November, 2014

Embracing winter!

Winter is my absolute favourite season. Snuggly clothes, early nights and comfort food. I haven’t ever had a dog in winter, and I must say it was made my love for the season even greater! Coming in from a cold walk on the park to snuggle time In front of the fire is the best thing ever. Bernard always manages to get covered in mud so has frequent trips to the bath.. Even when he is next to the fire, he is always shivery – this won’t do! Tesco have 25% off all clothing at the minute (bear with me – there is a story coming here…) so I decided, because I spend way too much of my wages at Pets At Home, why not get him something from tesco?!

“But they don’t sell dog clothes” I hear you say – but they do sell baby clothes.. (Leave this blog now if you don’t want to see the cutest thing in the entire world – it’s practical not rediculous 😉 )

Introducing Berrrrrrrrnard the snuggly pup in a Tigger dressing gown.. Nothing wrong with that is there?! Haahaa!! He loves it, had the warmest nap in it last night!

So whilst Bernard has been snuggly, I got creative with my Mum. We are aiming for a home made Christmas this year, and embrace the cottage country feel of our home. We started with this – it’s just toilet roll tubes and paint!

Then we did these out of buttons..

I’m really impressed with how they turned out so far!

Hope you are all excited for winter – we LOVE it!!


Puddles, mud and friends

Hello you lovely lot! Bernard has had a fun packed weekend so thought I would share a little bit of it with you. Yesterday, I was out all day so he stayed with my mum and dad (grandma and grandad to him) and they had two big walks and have him some bacon – safe to say he didn’t miss me one bit!!!!

Today, we went to watch the football team that rob coaches, and we saw Bernard’s bestest pal Charlie. Charlie is a chocolate cockapoo and is 14 months old.. Before rob and I got Bernard, we had Charlie for a day to see what he was like size wise etc, and we were allowed to get Bernard on the grounds that he was no bigger…. charlie now weighs 8kg, and bear in mind B is only 8 months old – he is 11.5kgs!!!! Still convinced our breeder told us a fib about what he really is!!

Anyway, they had a big run on the muddiest field I have ever stepped foot on.. And this was the result..

IMG_6886.JPG (I still think they are beautiful haha!)

When we got home.. It was bath time – not sure who looks more upset about that!!


After a big sulk whilst blo drying him, he’s now sprinting around the house having his mad half hour! We are hoping he will flop any minute now and have a snooze for the rest of the afternoon – yeah right!!!!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend – only 5 days til the next one!!

Friday feeeeeeling!!

Yet another awful day at work but who cares – ITS THE WEEKEND AND ROB IS HOME!! Bernard seems happy about it..

I always used to work shifts so never really had weekends to do with whatever I wanted, but with this job I do! And all I’m planning (minus our night out tomorrow) is spending time with B and going on nice long walks. It’s been tough for him since I got my new job, he had gotten used to me being there all day everyday since we got him! (Thanks to Noël Edmonds and Deal or No Deal I was able to enjoy a summer not working and spend it with B!)

I hope you all have a fab weekend! Will have a big blog post ready for you on Sunday with our weekend antics!

Throwback Thursdays..

Bernard is the little pooch blinking.. Still not sure how I managed to walk away from here with just one pup!!


Just to say..

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that there are a lot more views on my blog! I set this up as a bit of a hobby, not really expecting it to be that popular. I feel like I bore people on other social media with endless photos of Bernard and stories about him, so it’s really nice to be able to share it all with like minded people, and people who actually appreciate what I have to say. I have also loved reading about your animals, and look forward to reading more stories about them!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog – it’s nothing spectacular but it means a lot 🙂

Bad dog mummy

I’m feeling really guilty.. We have a busy weekend coming up and for once, the plans don’t involve Bernard!

Tomorrow we are out straight from work, and Saturday is a busy one too. Don’t get me wrong, Bernard is fine being on his own – he is never left for more than 3 hours at a time, he’s just such a softy. He needs to be with people and getting attention – typical puppy!

I’m sure we will have a lovely weekend and Bernard will be fine with my Aunty coming to keep him company!

Also.. We had a really nice walk today – Bernard was amazing off his lead and came back every time (which never happens). He did try chasing a seagul but one whistle and he was back. Proud of my little guy.




I’m not sure what completely prompted me to get this started, I think knowing a few friends that have lost their dogs recently has made me get my act together. Ever since we got Bernard, I wanted to make a scrap book of his life. I never want to forget the first time he had a hair cut, the first time he cocked his leg, or that time he cost us over £700 at the vets for eating a sock! If we are lucky enough to have him for as long as possible, it’s more than likely we will forget details. So, I’ve started it. Apologies for the terrible photos, and the shadows on each of them – but you get the idea!

I started off with a trip to Hoby Craft and picked up all sorts of goodies, and a large scrap book. It only cost about £15.

I then went and got my photos printed…. I managed to eventually whittle them down to 68 (from
May-November.. Oops!) which cost £24!!!!!! But I don’t mind, these are memories that we will have forever now rather than having to flick through a phone!

This is the front page (I won’t bore you with every page, but these are my personal faves!)

The best place to start, I thought, was with the first day we got to see him – 19th May 2014 🙂

(SO ANNOYING with the light and the shadows – sorry!)

Then here are a few other pages – you get the idea!




I’m happy with it so far! I’m hoping it gets full and we have to move on to others!! I’m snap happy so have photos of all sorts. I wouldn’t change him for the world and want to remember everything about him.

And just incase you guys forgot what he looks like.. Here’s a big smile for you


Sad news

I don’t know if any of you remember that Bernard went to puppy class in July for 5 weeks.. But we have just found out that one of his doggy friends there, Izzy the German Shepherd, has died. She was 9 months old and absolutely beautiful.

Her owner told me that she went out on Saturday morning for her usual toilet time, and she had a heart attack. It’s so cruel to think that she was just a baby and she’s gone.

Give your pooches an extra big cuddle tonight – we are all so lucky to have them.

RIP Izzy x


Since having a dog..

Since having a dog, I have most definitely changed for the better. I’m more sociable, less lazy, and a whole lot happier.

This weekend, Bernard and I have come down to Wales to our house for a nice weekend with Rob. I have had possibly the toughest week ever at work, but knowing we had this weekend to look forward to definitely kept me going.

Today, we went to a country park (I’m not even going to try and pronounce the name of it) but this cute poem was at the entrance to it..

We were a bit adventurous and walked for miles and miles, and eventually got on top of a viaduct that had a canal running across the top of it – scary stuff!


I’m so much more of an outdoor-sy person now a days – I love it! On the walk back to the car, we also met a friend..

We also had a cheeky nip to the nearby Pets At Home (of course..) but I’m going to do another post on what we picked up there – it’s amazing!!!!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend 🙂