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Month: October, 2014

Breaking my heart

“Please don’t go mum”



Sleepover club!

I’m going away soon (planned way before we even got the go-ahead to get a dog) and I’m so nervous about leaving Bernard! He is staying with my Aunty who lives just down the road, and then having a day with a family friend just before we get back.

I know he will be absolutely spoilt rotten between the two houses, but I have never left him before!!

So tonight, to ease him (and me) into it, he’s having his very first sleepover at my Aunty’s house! I’m looking forward to being able to bathe without him jumping in, and to be able to get in bed whatever time I like (he only winds down at about 11pm) but I’m going to miss our night time cuddles!

I need to stop worrying so much – he will have a whale of a time I’m sure!

But just incase you forgot how gorgeous he is and why it is so difficult to leave this cheeky face…..


Hello winter!

If any of you live in the North of England – you will be more than aware of the current “tail end of a tornado” outside. It’s awful! But dogs don’t understand this so it was off to the park in the 20mph winds!



I wish I looked that good wind-swept!!

So after a decent 35 minutes of fetch, I turned round and saw the colour of the sky…..

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who is totally appearance conscious, but after being in the worst rain and hailstone down poor I can ever remember, I looked horrific. We made a joint decision to walk back home through the woods (away from public view!!)


This is my first winter with a dog so I haven’t yet experienced the joys of taking him out every day in the freezing cold and wet weather! The cuddles you get at home to dry him off make it totally worth it though!!


Snug as a bug

On Friday night, Rob and I decided to have a night in front of the telly and a general chill before a weekend of busyness. We shoved the two sofas together and made a cosy little den, and put Bernard’s bed close by on the floor.. Here it is (don’t be too jealous)


But of course, you can guess what happened. We ended up sitting in the top corners whilst his royal highness sprawled out across the bottom half..



Bernard usually sleeps in his crate – he’s fabulous in it. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about crate sleeping, but B can tell you he loves he’s little den and nine times out of ten, will take himself to bed most nights before we put him in.


Bernard decided he wanted a little sleep over and so spent his first night ever not in his crate. (The sleepover was accidental because I fell asleep – promise!) I was worried about him having a toilet accident because he has never done that in his crate – but he was fine! No wees, no poos, no problem!

And I think that was a bad move because we now have this “please let me have one more sleepover” look every night to deal with..


Who can say no to that face?!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend 🙂

Unhappy Welsh Puppy

I have mentioned before I’m sure, that my partner rob and I recently moved to Wales. Well, he has, Bernard and I keep drifting between countries (work permitting). Partly my fault as I am a complete home bird, and partly for Bernard’s benefit.

Where we live is surrounded by sheep – and of course, dogs aren’t allowed near them. So there is no where within 10 miles that we can walk where he can be off the lead which results in a LOT of cockapoo puppy energy.

We walked up a mountain yesterday though which was nice.. (This is also how mucky he gets every time without fail)

But even that was a complete nightmare. Sheep poop everywhere and he just eats all of it – of course. And he is forever pulling wanting to chase after whatever animal he sees. I hate having to tell him off, but a cross NO is required at least 3 times a minute!

We are lucky to have such amazing views, but it isn’t puppy proof what so ever!!

And then not getting his daily run results in naughty attention seeking behaviour, such as chewing through his seat belt and sneaking up to the drivers seat – so cheeky! (Don’t worry, we were stopping and soon got him back in his place!!)


So it’s back home to England this weekend and get a few good runs in before we head back down to the valleys again!!



Any of you who are lucky enough to have a Pets At Home near you will (hopefully) fully understand my excitement over the past few weeks – the Christmas stuff is out!!!!

I have had Bernard since May this year, and I have been on a countdown for December. I am desperately hoping for snow – I cannot wait to see what he reacts like!

Pets At Home have the BEST range out – Christmas pudding suits to knitted jumpers, scarves to leg warmers.. It’s all so exciting!

If any of you read my previous doggy dress up post, you will know that my partner rob hates dog clothes, so I have eased him in by just getting one outfit (there WILL be more – promise!)

Here is the main man himself (photos were pre-hair cut) modelling his reindeer outfit! Amazing



The outfit was £10 and size medium – the hood was a little snug which lead me onto buying the hat which was £5 – money well spent!

Spa day!

So following on from my post yesterday – spa day is over and Bernard smells amazing!

I dropped him off at 8.15 this morning looking like this…


I asked for the tiniest of hair cuts and just a general pamper for him (necessities for dogs really) because I didn’t want him to look not like himself, if that makes sense?!

So they did a wash cut and blo, nail trim, ear clean and pluck, and teeth clean all for £30! I picked the groomer because they cared for dogs with sensitive skin (which he has) and they have a good reputation and excellent reviews.

And here he is, looking somehow fluffier than ever!!



Tomorrow Bernard has his first ever hair cut – dun dun duuuuh!

He’s gotten a little bit scruffy looking, and needs his nails cutting so he has a spa morning booked! I’m really nervous about how he will look.. Don’t get me wrong, we will love him no matter what…. But I love his hair as it is and I’m just hoping he still looks like Bernard!

I think I’m more anxious about leaving him with a stranger for the morning. I’m 100% comfortable with the groomer we have picked and trust them completely, but I can’t help worrying!

Here he is at the moment.. And hopefully have some more beautiful photos to show off to you all tomorrow! Hope all your pooches are doing well!