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Month: August, 2014



Where has my puppy gone?!

DON’T PANIC!!!!! Bernard is safe and sound, we haven’t lost him.. 

I realised that whilst I have been using this blog to read up on all of your GORGEOUS animals, I haven’t updated you on mine! I started looking through some photos to see what recent adventures I could tell you about, and realised just how much Bernard has grown!!!! 

We brought him home on the 30th May, so not even three months ago, and already there is such a difference.. Look!


This was on our first visit to pick out which puppy we wanted.. And the next photo is two months later! Someone has replaced my puppy with a sheep I’m certain..


Bernard’s most beloved toy is his Monkey. Here they are chilling on his first day home, and the following photo is them both now. Monkey is looking a little worse for wear!



I just can’t believe how long he is!! 

Finally.. Look at this!

This was him trying on his harness for the first time..


SO ADORABLE! And this was him a couple of weeks ago in the same sized harness..


It’s crazy how quickly time has gone since we got him! We wouldn’t change him for the world. Now to convince Rob that he NEEDS a brother..



Doggy Dress Up

My partner Rob DESPISES any type of clothing for animals, it took me a while to convince him that the harness we use for Bernard is for practical reasons – not just because he looks like an adorable mini mountain rescue pup..


Point proven

Anyway, as mentioned in our first post, Bernard, Rob and I are soon to be moving to Wales. So one afternoon this week whilst Rob was down sorting the house out, B and I had a free afternoon to go shopping (ot oh!). 

DISCLAIMER: Before you see these AMAZINGLY ADORABLE photos, do not be fooled by Bernard’s facial expression. He was a willing participant and thoroughly enjoyed his dress up session.. Promise. 

So, outfit number one please Bernard..


Okay, so maybe this was a bit cruel because it’s pink and he is a boy bla bla bla.. But come on, cute right?! Next..


Better right? He is a cross between a cowboy or if any of you are familiar with Breaking Bad, a mini doggy Heisenberg?! Okay, we will move on now..


I have no words. Literally none, this is just the best photo there is.

So after this exciting dress up session, a few toys a treats fell into my basket (Pets at Home has this strange effect on me, I just can’t help myself). Oh, and these might of just happened to come with us too..

10409274_10152552616229467_7235197009563288325_n (1)

Unlike Rob, Bernard GENUINELY loves it. Maybe not the hat so much, but the hoody is amazing. It has a little hole on the top for his lead – even though he is under strict instruction from his dad that he is NOT allowed in public in it – yawn.

As soon as the hoody goes on he snuggles up and goes straight to sleep. Either that or he is sulking. But we shall ignore the latter point for now. Hes such a happy laid back pup, we love him to bits! 

We have a busy weekend ahead of housey things and getting Bernard accustomed to sheep – wish us luck! We shall leave you with an ADORABLE photo – you’re welcome.